We help Telecom Operators and Enterprises and the Vendors that supply them, assure quality and reduce operating costs.

We help you ensure:

Your voice communications can connect, your infrastructure is secure, you control your costs and that your calls are clearly audible and reliable.

Now Available

LTE Band 25 (U/L:1850 — 1915; D/L:1930 — 1995MHz) testing is added to Safkhet Radio Network Test System.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

The health of our different media servers is key and Palladion (OCSM) enables us to monitor those. Palladion (OCSM) enables the non-technical to monitor the network. Now, Eli who is not an engineer is able to quickly see if any of the media servers are spiking or having issues.

Matthew Williams, Teltech

“Our business at Bright House Networks has doubled over the past year. We believe that it is essential that any successful service provider aligns human resources as well as network capacity with the growth plans of the business. We do not believe in over hiring or over building as most failed service providers have learned over time. Palladion has allowed us to maximize the resources we currently have. Because of the productivity gains Palladion (OCSM) offers us, we can manage our increased volume with the current staff and have freed some of them up to focus on revenue-generating activities. This has made an immediate impact to our top and bottom line. Palladion (OCSM) is certainly head and shoulders above any other monitoring system we have looked at and helps us to more effectively support our customers”

Doug Knight, Bright House Networks

Palladion (OCSM) is an invaluable troubleshooting tool. The level of insight provided by Palladion (OCSM) is unparalleled. It provides the ability to quickly and easily drill down on calls to isolate issues.

Eli Finkleman, Teltech

“The Palladion (OCSM) product clearly is the most advanced monitoring product we’ve seen. We use it continuously, every day. It gives us full visibility of our Network Operations and also the service quality we deliver to our customers. In addition the support we have received from Teraquant has been great. They have been alongside us throughout and just a real pleasure to work with.”

Chris Hall, Vitelity Communications, LLC

Since Palladion (OCSM) is a web based solution, rolling this out companywide is a breeze and it makes it very easy to use.

Shane Gingell, ACN Inc.

“We have just finished another round of Oracle Communications Operations Monitor (aka Palladion) training with Teraquant and, as expected, several folks from different teams reached out to me to express great satisfaction. Even though the basic usage is easy to learn; the training from Teraquant, showed us how to troubleshoot real issues with complex SIP call flows, allowed us to comprehend the tool’s true potential and empowered us to achieve huge productivity & improved service quality.”

John Zülaloğlu, Intuit

“Palladion is actually now owned by Oracle, however there is one last standing VAR of the product with whom we have had great success. They are called Teraquant. the team there know more about the product and are better suited to support it than Oracle, for sure.”

Joshua Lesavoy, Nextiva