Founded in 2001, Teraquant is a private M2M and Telecom Solutions Company.

Our mission at Teraquant is “Quality is Everything” and to be “A Joy to Work With.”

Our objective is to offer an easy to use solution for your quality challenge, at a competitive price.

We will not compromise on Quality. We are a technical crew and enjoy a good technical challenge, plus we enjoy being helpful! Call us to discuss your test automation, measurement and network monitoring projects.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Each customer’s test objectives or requirements are understood in detail to ensure a Test Solution which precisely and cost-effectively meets your needs. All solutions are of the highest quality and proven best value, be they a low costs off-the-shelf card, piece of software, or a system with enhancements and customizations.

We have a smart, veteran staff, with years of experience in the Telecommunications Industry. We produce Test Suites and Test Automation to achieve high productivity and full test coverage in the QA Lab or Systems Test Department. Our monitoring systems are easy to use, provide your KPIs easily and have open APIs and Exports so you can add customizations to the standard reports if this is your request. Prices turn the process of applying for budget and doing your business case from a chore to excitement, knowing you will be completing your goal of decimating operational expense, and automating the task of Quality Management.