Our customers include most of the major leading telecom equipment vendors and service providers in North America.

We offer a unique approach to solving client requirements by guaranteeing our solutions work in your network and exceed your expectations. Specializing in the Hyper-Connected enterprise, SOA for real-time services (voice, video and UC) solutions, including SIP, IMS, SS7, and wireless protocols, Teraquant offers laboratory-based test systems and Service insurance solutions for operations, including the renowned Oracle Operations Monitor (EOM/COM) — Palladion. These solutions significantly:

  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Reduce Time-to-Market.
  • Increase revenue through Value-Added Services.
  • Reduce customer churn.
  • Enhance quality.

We help reduce operational costs for our customers by:

  1. Finding network and customer impacting problems in seconds.
  2. Showing the common thread between performance/KPI degradations.
  3. Empowering staff by interpreting problems with non-technical visualizations.
  4. Finding the root cause, to ensure the problem never happens again.