The ABC Session Border Controller

The ABC connects multiple networks, VPNs, trunks, NATs, SIP dialects and encryption standards.
Traffic blocking, traffic limits, topology hiding, auto-blocking, registrar off-load.
Runs on OTS hardware, VM, or in the cloud.
The policies for connectivity and security can be defined using a rule-base.
Up to 5,000 concurrent calls (10,000 sessions) per SBC.
Active-standby architecture.
Integrated media applications (recording, announcements, call-transfer).

What Does the ABC SBC Do?

Simplicity with ABC Rules

The Frafos SBC guides you through setting up and maintaining your SBC, with simple tutorials built into the product. You can learn the functions of an SBC and the capabilities it gives you, simply by getting into it and setting up one function, and then the next.

It is the easiest SBC to set up available on the market.


Configure Inbound Rules to normalize incoming traffic.


Configure Routing Rules to find a destination.


Configure Outbound Rules to adjust the traffic to the destination capabilities.

  • Designed to deal simply with ever-changing traffic conditions and policies.
  • Rules structured in three simple steps: A-B-C and managed using a GUI.


The Frafos ABC SBC was the first software-only SBC. Frafos leads the way in providing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for a Session Border Controller. Talk to Teraquant about suitable hardware to ensure line-rate performance and high availability for your Frafos ABC SBC.

The ABC WebRTC Gateway

  • Connects with all browsers supporting the WebRTC standard: Opera, Mozilla, Firefox.
  • Certified and supported JSSIP client app API to form a working solution.
  • Available on AWS, an auto-scalable cloud can be launched in several minutes, with geographic dispersion possible.
  • Integrated audio modules for recording, playing and mixing audio available.

WebRTC Application “Call Me”

Integrate “Call Me” button in the browser.

  • No need for special applications or plugins.
  • No additional telephony costs.
  • User remains on web page.
  • Enable new applications:
    • Video
    • Conferencing: Diall in an expert or manager.
    • Include caller information, such as:
      • Informatoin about which page the caller is calling from.
      • Information about the user account.
    • In Short: Technology customizable to your needs by any capable Javascript or web developer.

  1. Users download the application as JavaScript.
  2. Caller establishes a call with the WebRTC gateway.
  3. The WebRTC gateway establishes a VoIP call to the data center.
  4. Caller and call-center exchange data.

From Browser to Call Center

Transfer browser data as part of the call-establishment process.

  • Indicate from which web page the call was established.
  • Inidcate the user account information.
  • etc.

Data can then be transferred to the Call Center.

  • As part of the VoIP signaling information.
  • By uploading to a database from which the CRM can read.
  • Feeding it into the CRM API.

From Browser to Call Center: Signaling Path

  • User information is carried as part of the signaling information.
  • Telephony application of the call center can display the added information.
  • Telephony application uses the added information to retrieve user profile.
  • Preconditions:
    • ​Telephony application is customizable and capable of displaying additional information.
    • A connection can be established between the telephony application and CRM in order to retrieve the user profile.

From Browser to Call Center: CRM API

  • ABC WebRTC Gateway uses a well-defined API (XML, SOAP…) to write the additional information into the CRM system.
  • Call and profile data are synchronized using the same key (eg: caller identity).
    • Use, for example, account data as the call identity.
  • When receiving a call, either:
    • The call center worker uses the caller identity as the access key to the CRM.
    • The call center telephony application uses the caller identity to access the CRM directly.

The ABC WebRTC Gateway Is

A High Performance Software Solution
More than 5,000 concurrent calls on off-the-shelf hardware.
Highly Available
Active-Standby architecture.
User Friendly
GUI-based configuration.
Cloud Ready
Closed-box, Virtual Machine, or as an Amazon EC2 instance.
Built With Open Interfaces