Netcare International is a new innovative company headquartered in Denmark, with over seven years of growth in revenue and profits.

The Product

Call Analyzer

This is the solution to trap and record those difficult and intractable problems always present in complex and changing signaling networks. In the test lab, you can learn the performance of your equipment under all signaling conditions (ie: heavy load, erroneous call conditions or when implementing complex features or handovers). Netcare International supplies the unique Call Analyzer which can be configured to analyze every and all signaling message sequences.

Key Uses

  • Instant identification of the erroneous call out of many good calls.
  • Quantification and isolation of hung devices and calls.
  • Presentation of distribution of performance of all devices and transactions.

Examples of Problems that have been Isolated with Call Analyzer

These are just some examples of the difficult problems Call Analyzer has solved.

  1. GPRS attach problems.
  2. Capture of the transactions and events surrounding slow HLR response.
  3. E.911 location correlation.
  4. Census of mobile equipment capabilities within current user population.
  5. Dropped Calls with no Release.
  6. MTC goes straight to voice mail even though mobile was registered and within range.
  7. Analysis of slow call clearing by the network to an MS.
  8. Failed Call Set Up due to CLREQ being sent prior to SETUP.
  9. Slow set up due to security bottlenecks.
  10. CIC format mistranslation.
  11. SGSN flow Control problems.
  12. Isolation of all calls containing protocol errors.