Teraquant’s Voice Over IP network-reporting platform is able to report the usage and the Quality of Service delivered by a VoIP/LTE network. As a CDR-based voice network reporting system, it collects CDR data from your network equipment or from Oracle’s COM/EOM.

In NGN/IMS or LTE networks, the Teraquant system is mainly deployed to collect CDR’s from Oracle’s SBC’s or EOM/COM probes. The edge position of the Session Border Controller inside any voice network ensures that the metrics are gathered on the demarcation point between the core network, considered as secure and managed, and the access network: public, private, or shared by end-customers and peers.

Teraquant reports give a “one glance” view of call volume, destination and quality.

Monitoring of VoIP Sessions in an IP Network

Our system allows monitoring of VoIP network usage in terms of session (simultaneous calls, call rate, call destination, call duration…) as well as the quality of the media (packet loss, jitter, latency, MOS). it offers intuitive, powerful graphing functionality to visually inspect all aspects of the VoIP network traffic.

Statistics and Reporting

The Teraquant Voice Over IP network monitoring platform automatically compiles all the metrics consolidated by the platform into customized reports, generated on a regular basis and made available to Operators, Integrators and End- Customers. This ensures that all parties get access to the statistics they are interested in. The template-based report generation allows for advanced customization and branding.

Alarms Definition and Collection

Alarms types and thresholds can be easily defined and modified from a large set of pre- defined alarms. Thanks to its traffic patterns analysis engine, the system is able to detect traffic anomalies which are not usually reported via discrete alarms such as SNMP traps. Examples would be sudden call rate drop, abnormal calls duration, high error rate, and more.

Fast access to records for troubleshooting

The Teraquant Voice Over IP Network reporting platform interface provides direct access to the calls records, allowing the system operator to search the calls details on a reported alarm or anomaly. This greatly reduces troubleshooting time.

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Key Features
  • Voice network reporting.
  • Reporting.
  • Anomalies detection and alarming.
  • Powerful call search and analysis.
  • Web-based HTML5 interface.
  • Fine-grained user access.
  • Central monitoring system for all VoIP Networking devices.
  • Scalability.
  • No external probes required.
  • CDR-based alarming (custom thresholds).
  • Report customization.
CDR Interfaces
  • Radius
  • SFTP
  • FTP
Session Statistics
  • Traffic intensity over time.
  • Max simultaneous calls over time.
  • Call rate over time.
  • Average alerting phase over time.
  • Alerting phases distribution.
  • Average connection phase over time.
  • Connection phases distribution.
  • SIP release cause classes distribution.
  • SIP release causes distribution.
  • Call success (answer/seizure) ratio over time.
  • Called destinations distribution.
Media Statistics
  • MOS over time.
  • MOS distribution.
  • Packet loss (RTP/RTCP) over time.
  • Packet loss (RTP/RTCP) distribution.
  • Packet jitter (RTP/RTCP) over time.
  • Packet jitter (RTP/RTCP) distribution.
  • Average packet latency (RTCP) distribution.
  • Max packet latency (RTCP) distribution.