Benefits of Session Border Controllers

  • Upon the End-of-Life of ISDN PRI and BRI circuits, SBC’s allow you safe migration to lower costs and more flexible SIP trunking services.
  • Freedom from any vendor dependence, allowing you to exploit best-value products and services.
  • Ensure your enterprise and network is solidly protected from unauthorized free usage of your network assets, misappropriation of telecom resources and access to confidential conversations.
  • Simplify Network Operations by integrating multi-vendor systems and achieving interoperability.
  • Provide communications reliability, robustness and automated failover.
  • Increase business agility by Improving employee collaboration and remote working.
  • Accelerate real-time decision making.
  • Controlling costs by using existing IP investments, enabling future IP communication needs, decreasing Capital and Operational Expenses and reducing deployment risks.
Communications Service Provider Deployment of Session Border Controller

SBC Functionality

Call Routing Interoperability Media Security
Least Cost Routing Interoperability with SIP trunks Media Off-load/Release Header Manipulations Rules (HMR); eg: Topology hiding.
Dial Plan Harmonization

Protocol Conversion [SIP ⇔ H.323]

Quality of Service [QoS] Access Control Lists [ACL]
Automatic use of local call tariffs

DTMF internetworking

RFC 2833 ⇔ In-band G.711


G.726; G.729A/B; G.722
AMR, AMR-WB, G.723.1, iLBC & T.38.

DDoS protection
Registration Off-load IPv4 & IPv6 internetworking

Fax internetworking

T.30 (G.711 Fax internetworking in-band tones) to T.38




  • iPsec IKEv1
  • IPsec IKEv2
  • IPsec manual key

Hosted NAT Traversal

Safely allow inbound calls to DID

IPv4 & IPv6 internetworking

Bandwidth efficiency and optimization

  • VAD
  • Comfort Noise generation
  • Silence suppression
  • PLC

SIPREC: Media Recording



Enterprise Deployment of Session Border Controller

Platform Capabilities

  • Scalability.
  • Wire- rate multitasking real-time performance.
  • High-availability.


Teraquant is proud to offer you two different vendors of Session Border Controllers to meet your specific needs.

For large-scale telcos/communication service providers and Enterprises, we supply the Oracle Communications (formerly Acme Packet) SBCs, which are the industry leader and most highly regarded devices for carrier-class communications.

For budget-sensitive applications, where a full set of features and carrier-class performance is required, the Frafos is unmatched. Frafos is produced by engineers that contributed to the very origins of VoIP/SIP. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Frafos is privately held by a founding team of young and seasoned entrepeneurs with Fraunhofer Institute pedigree.

The Fraunhofer Institute has researched and produced many leading communications technologies, for example including the MP3 codec.

Frafos innovates, virtualizes and secures telephone infrastructure with next-generation Session Border Controllers, WebRTC gateways and service assurance solutions, with a market focus on Tier 2 and 3 operators, Enterprises and the public sector.

First SBC deployment in 2012, and first WebRTC in 2013.