Seldom is it heard that a VoIP Network Management product gives immediate and significant value while at the same time is loved by all its users. But this can be genuinely said about Oracle Communications Operations Monitor (OCOM): the VoIP Service Assurance platform from Oracle (formerly known as Palladion). We would invite you to speak to any of our customers; all of them are delighted to praise it and recommend it to other companies in the industry; all of them use it continuously. Oracle Communications Operations Monitor is center stage of a VoIP Network operation.

Mean Time to Repair is the time taken to resolve the trouble-ticket. ie: from the time the Trouble Ticket is initiated in your CRM system to the time it is labeled as being closed. It is not the time that staff are actually working on the ticket.

Trouble Ticket Resolution Time is the time that people are actually working on the ticket. It may be measured in your organization as the time you are troubleshooting a problem on the phone with the customer, but it should also include off-line work done, including talking to vendors about the problem and doing off-line analysis.

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Oracle Communications Operations Monitor is achieving huge and immediate cost savings for voice/VoIP service providers:

  1. Oracle Communications Operations Monitor has been measured to save 37% of support costs. Imagine support costs are a third of your overall costs. 37% of this means that approximately 1/9th of your costs go to increasing your profit line. What does this mean for your company’s profitability?
  2. A recent customer commented that Oracle Communications Operations Monitor takes one to two minutes to solve a problem which previously would’ve taken two hours using tools such as Wireshark.
  3. Another Oracle Communications Operations Monitor customer saw that one of their clients suddenly had a burst of failed calls. Contacting the customer to proactively investigate why, the lady on the customer’s switchboard immediately apologized. “I wanted to get free tickets to the ballgame from the local radio station who is offering them,” she said, “these tickets were so popular, the switchboard of the local radio station was jammed” hence the failed calls. But this showed that they cared for their customers, which was very impressive and well received.

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Minimize Revenue Leakage…the degree of exposure lies in the range of 3% to 15% of the Communication Service Providers’ (CSP) gross revenue

TM Forum--Minimize Revenue Leakage

For multi-billion dollar organizations, that adds up to substantial losses

Tonia Graham, program manager for the TM Forum Business Benchmarking Program

For VoIP services, Communications Service Providers are losing between 3% and 15% of their revenue. This is due to errors of Call Routing; Invoicing; Rating/Prepaid Charging; Fraud; Interconnect/Partner payment errors; Applying new products and prices; Poor systems and processes integration and Incomplete or Incorrect usage data.

Recovery of this Revenue leakage goes straight to the bottom line. This is the equivalent of failing to send out an invoice for goods or services delivered. Oracle Communications Operations Monitor contains the smarts to detect, and make visible, up to 80% of these errors.

Service Providers using Oracle Communications Operations Monitor today are reporting:

  • Reductions of up to 37% in customer support costs through:
    • Closing trouble tickets four times as fast.
    • Significantly increasing support operations’ efficiency.
    • Empowering first-line Customer Support staff to be self-sufficient.
  • Reductions in revenue abuse by:
    • Identifying and blocking service abusers
    • Preventing over-billing in the event of network failures
    • Providing verified billing
  • Increase services revenues through:
    • Adding Service Assurance as part of bundled, tailored services offering.
    • Identifying ‘up-sell’ opportunities by measuring service usage
    • Offering service assurance as a hosted managed service

Oracle automates the process of dissecting problems and performance in your SIP and SS7 network. The solution presents to you and your people in your Customer Care Center with the Service Level information they need to care for your customers, prevent Revenue Leakage and to ensure your network and SIP services are running efficiently. The information is presented to your Customer Care staff in easy-to-view graphs, prioritized tables and easy-to-read logs.

This intelligent solution implements its analysis and presents you with the business layer level. Measurements allowing you to automate Network Operations and Customer Care.

Oracle Communications Operations Monitor is the first holistic approach to VoIP Services Management and is distinctly the most advanced such solution available.

Five Uniques of Oracle Communicatons Operations Monitor

  • Holistic Network View – Network, Devices, Trunks, VoIP Phones.
  • Talks to other Network Elements – Sends SIP Messages (eg: BYE, OPTIONS and API) to other Network Elements (eg: Billing Systems, SBCs).
  • User Behavior Analysis – How your users use…or Abuse.
  • Correlation of calls across multiple Protocols and Transactions – Advanced and Flexible (scriptable, if necessary).
  • Scripting – Analysis limited only by the imagination.

More specific uniques and their usages offered below.

Automating Operations is a key competitive advantage in this intensely competitive market of VoIP service delivery. To this end, Oracle Communications Operations Monitor has a rapid Return on Investment.

More Examples of Oracle Communications Operations Monitor's Unique Contributions are

  • Uses intelligent analysis to detect common, known and suspect sources of Revenue Leakage.
  • Presents VoIP traffic in common language such that a Tier 1 Customer Support Agent can diagnose issues while they talk with your customer.
  • Proactively alerts you to the problem before your customer calls.
  • Detects and turns off fraudulent or suspect calls (eg: multiple attempts to discover a password).
  • All calls are instantly accessible – both historical and in real-time.
  • Detects events and, if desired, sends remedial messages to Network Elements.
  • Gives visibility – diagrammatically – of the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your network.
  • Allows a Tier 1 Agent to package the diagnostics for a Tier 3 specialist in one mouse click.